10 Ways to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

10 Ways to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Do you remember the day you got engaged? Maybe you remember the day perfectly, or maybe it’s just a happy blur. Whether that day was a year ago, five years ago or 25 years ago, so many things have changed. You’ve lived different places, held different jobs, made new friends and maybe even started a family together. Through it all, your love for each other has only grown.

One thing that has stayed the same throughout all of these changes is your engagement ring. It’s been there with you through it all, and it’s still as beautiful as the day you got it.

But did you know that not all couples keep the same engagement rings throughout their whole marriage? After years of marriage, some couples decide they’re ready to upgrade their engagement rings, maybe by adding more stones, adding a larger stone, or just adding a little more sparkle around the band.

Upgrading your engagement ring might seem like a strange proposition. After all, aren’t engagement rings supposed to be forever? But just look back and think how much your love has grown as a couple over the past years of marriage. Isn’t it only right that your ring should grow and change just as your relationship has?

Upgrading your engagement ring and planning and deciding on what upgrades to get with your spouse could be a fun, exciting and romantic adventure for the two of you to enjoy together. Just as your original engagement ring reflects the first stage of your marriage, so too can this new and improved ring reflect your marriage as you move forward.


Why Upgrade Your Engagement Ring?


There are plenty of great reasons to upgrade your engagement ring. Rings go in and out of fashion, styles change and your life changes as well. Your ring might have been perfect for the two of you when you first got engaged, but now it might not seem quite as ideal. And when it comes to something as important as your engagement ring, why be complacent? Why not have the ring you’ve been dreaming of?

Here are just a few of the many reasons many couples are upgrading their engagement rings.

  1. Your Budget May Have Changed

Many people get engaged to their future spouse when they’re in their 20s. Indeed, not everyone follows this pattern, but many do. This means that a large portion of couples are getting engaged at a time when their finances are not extremely stable, and their incomes are proportionally lower.

Perhaps this means that when you first started out, you didn’t have the budget for the gorgeous ring you’d always wanted. But now maybe you’ve been married a few years. Your incomes are a bit higher. You don’t have all the expenses that you just had when you were first beginning your lives together. Altogether, you’re in a more financially stable place than you used to be.

Why not take the opportunity that you have now to reinvest in your ring and transform it? It’ll always be a memento of your love together, but with a few upgrades, it can also become the ring of your dreams.

  1. Your Ring May Have Gone out of Style

It’s no secret that fashions come and go like the seasons. What may have been the height of fashion when you got married may no longer be in style. Even though the ring is still as important to you as ever, there’s nothing wrong with deciding it needs to be updated with the times.


Sometimes the band may have gone out of style, while other times it’s the cut of the stone itself. Maybe your ring is plain and looks out of place next to some of the more sparkly rings that are popular today.

Whatever your reason, there are so many ways to upgrade your ring and make it the fashionable according to today’s trends and styles.

  1. Your Own Personal Styles May Have Changed

Everyone’s tastes change. Our tastes change all the time. All of us wore clothes five years ago that we’d never wear today. All of us have had hairstyles we’d rather forget. It’s completely natural. In the same way, maybe the ring you chose years ago is just not your style anymore.

It could be that a new style has recently become popular and you like it so much better than your old style. Or maybe you hopped on board with a trendy ring at the time, and have since decided that you don’t love it as much as you used to.

There is nothing wrong with realizing this, and it happens to all of us all the time. There’s no reason you should be stuck with a ring that no longer suits you, your personality and your tastes. Instead, upgrade to a ring that reflects you and your spouse and the way you are now.


When to Think About Upgrading?


There’s no right or wrong time to upgrade your engagement ring. This is a highly personal decision that you and your spouse should make together.

However, there are certain times when it’s more popular to upgrade your ring. These days are usually commemorative, mile-stone days when it seems fitting to mark the passage of time and the commitment to each other no matter how much time has gone by.

Some great days to make this kind of upgrade with your spouse include:

  • Any anniversary
  • A milestone anniversary, such as 10, 20 or 25 years
  • You or your spouse’s milestone birthday
  • Special occasions like the birth of a child
  • Vow renewal ceremonies

At the end of the day, choosing the upgrade your ring or not is a very personal decision and something the two of you should decide to do together. Whether you decide to do it at a grand vow renewal ceremony or on an ordinary day in the middle of the year is ultimately up to you. Your relationship is special. Your ring and any upgrades you make should reflect that.


Different Ways to Upgrade


Once you’ve decided why and when you want to upgrade, it’s time to talk about the upgrades themselves. We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular and common upgrades, but it’s important to remember that the decision is up to you.

  1. Upgrade Your Solitaire to a 3-Stone Engagement Ring

If your engagement ring started its life as a single diamond ring, this is a natural extra step to take. Adding a few extra diamonds will give it just that little extra bit of sparkle.

You might choose to make your two additional diamonds slightly smaller, and set on either side of the first diamond. This keeps the focus on the first and largest diamond while helping to balance it out on either side and add a little elegance.

Did you know that 3-stone engagement rings symbolize your past, present, and future as a couple? This makes them the perfect anniversary gift!

  1. Add a Pop of Color

Diamonds are unquestionably the most popular stone for any engagement ring, and for a good reason. Their clear, white sparkle is almost synonymous with weddings and engagements. But maybe you want to have a little extra color added to your ring.

There are lots of great ways to do this. You can add extra stones to your ring, or you can get an entirely new stone. Sapphires, rubies and emeralds all come in beautiful, vivid hues that are sure to give you the color you’ve been wanting. Another option might be to change the metal of the band itself. Maybe you can trade in your plain white gold band for a rose gold one.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll be sure to turn heads with your unique and brightly colored engagement ring.

  1. Enhance a Diamond Solitaire 

Lots of people enjoy the simplicity that single diamonds offer. Others want a little more sparkle. If you currently have a single diamond and are looking to upgrade, you might be interested in a diamond ring enhancer.

These are specially made rings that are designed to fit around the original ring and transform it into something almost entirely new. They help add an extra level of sophistication, all without changing a thing about the shape or style of the original ring.

When it comes to choosing one of these, however, you’ll want to be extra careful to choose one that matches your current ring and blends well with it. The two rings should complement each other so well that it looks like they were intended to go together.

  1. Add Some Sparkle to Your Band

If you’re looking for a slightly more subtle way to upgrade your ring, changing the band might be the perfect way to do that. Adding some extra diamonds to an otherwise plain white gold band gives your ring a magical, dazzling effect.

Another way to reinvent your ring band is to swap your plain band for a graceful V French-set band. This directs extra light towards your center stone and helps it to sparkle brighter and stand out even more than before.

  1. Change the Material of Your Band

Not all changes are about adding more sparkle. You might want to upgrade the material of your band for longevity purposes as well. One common choice is the decision to refresh the ring band from gold to platinum. Because gold naturally appears yellow, white gold is created by adding white metals to gold; over time, this plating wears down and white gold rings need to be replated to maintain their white hue. Platinum, however, is a white metal and does not need replating. Another benefit to platinum is its hypoallergenic properties. People with sensitive skin sometimes have allergic reactions to the other metals found in gold and find platinum much more pleasant to wear.

  1. Add a Surprise Diamond

If you’re looking for a more subtle way to add a little extra something to your ring, try vaulting your center diamond by hiding an extra stone underneath. You won’t be able to see this stone from a top view, but it will become visible from an angle.

This kind of surprise stone is a nice understated way to add more depth to your ring without making it too over-the-top.

  1. Double Your Halo

The halo style ring is extremely popular in modern engagement rings. It looks stylish and sophisticated while still maintaining a classic and timeless feel. So even if your engagement ring already has one halo, adding a second one will only add to your ring’s ‘wow’ factor.


If you’re looking to make your ring even more unique, you might try making the smaller, interior halo out of colored diamonds or a different stone altogether. This adds a dash of color while also making the center diamond appear even larger and more brilliant.

  1. Change out an Old Setting

It’s common for rings to be passed down among family members from one generation to the next. This means that the ring has decades and maybe even centuries of history and sentimental value. But not all styles age well, and even though you love the sentimental value, you may not love the old-fashioned style.

One way to give a traditional ring new life is to change the setting. By keeping the original stone, you’re still carrying on the family tradition, but you’re also giving the stone a second life in a modern ring. Changing the setting is an excellent way to keep family traditions alive.

  1. Upgrade to a New Stone

One of the easiest and simplest ways to upgrade your ring is to replace the stone altogether. Your reason for doing this might be that you want a larger stone, or you want a different type of stone, or you might want a stone that’s cut differently.

Whatever your reason and whatever type of stone you’re switching to, this can be a great option. It allows you the freedom of having the ring almost entirely re-invented while still keeping the band and much of the setting. It’s an ideal compromise for when you want a new look but you still have sentimental ties to your ring.

  1. Upgrade to an Entirely New Ring

Sometimes, no matter how many extra stones you add or how much you change the shape and size of a stone, it still isn’t enough. If no amount of change can turn your current engagement ring into your perfect ring, then the solution might be to trade it in for an entirely new one.

This might be a difficult choice to make due to emotional ties to the original ring. But it’s also a great way to mark a new chapter in your lives together and celebrate new beginnings. And at the end of the day, deciding to upgrade to a new ring might be easier than trying to add an addition to an already existing ring, especially if the changes you want to make are significant.


Your Perfect Ring Awaits


Choosing to upgrade your engagement ring may be a big step for you and your spouse, and it certainly isn’t a decision you should make lightly.

However, it may be time for a change, and this may be the perfect way to symbolize how far you two have come together and to express your hope for new beginnings with one another. And with so many creative ways to reinvent your engagement ring, there’s never been a better time to take that step.

5-never-a-better-time (1)

As you and your spouse look at unique ways to upgrade your engagement ring, we hope you’ll consider us at Mike Seltzer Jewelers. With our industry-leading design center, we’ll be glad to help you come up with the perfect way to upgrade your ring into the dream ring that will last you for years to come.


Here are 15 ways that selling your diamond jewelry after divorce can represent a win-win situation.


How do you feel when you look at your old jewelry? Many people experience mixed emotions; they remember the good times, but more often they recall the sense of angst that they felt during their divorce. Releasing your jewelry can provide much-needed emotional relief.

Mountain View


If you’re like many people, you only have so much room in your jewelry box for favorite items. If you’ve had your eye on something fabulous but have nowhere to put it, perhaps it’s time to make space.

Get Started


Yes, you’ll benefit financially when you sell your diamond jewelry after divorce, but so will someone else. Selling with Worthy puts your diamonds back on the marketplace and gives someone else a chance to love them.


It’s true! Anything that distracts you from your life’s purpose weighs you down. Just knowing that your old jewelry hasn’t been dealt with can decrease your ability to engage fully in what’s happening right now.



No one needs more stress – especially after the pain of a tough divorce. Just seeing your old jewelry can overload your senses and prevent you from feeling completely happy. Releasing it will lighten your mental load.



Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondō says: “The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.” If you’ve ever decluttered your home, you know just how exhilarating it can feel to part ways with things you’re not using. You’ll experience a similar lift when you let your old jewelry go.



Unless you plan to pass along a treasured heirloom that’s been in your family for generations, you don’t need the jewelry. You may still appreciate the style, but you might like another item even more.



Keeping unwanted mementos can have a powerful, often underestimated, negative effect on us. When you get rid of your old jewelry, you’ll no longer be confronted with this strong visual reminder of the past. You’ll find it is far easier to maintain a positive outlook, and you’ll feel a new, refreshing sense of freedom.

Get Started


Imagine carrying a backpack of rocks everywhere you go. Those rocks represent guilt; now think about letting them go. Even if the divorce wasn’t your idea, you may be harboring feelings of guilt and wondering whether there was anything you could have done to change your relationship’s outcome. These feelings are completely normal, but that doesn’t mean that you must continue to expose yourself to them.



Releasing negativity and items that you associate with negativity is an excellent way to cut stress and release anger that could be increasing your blood pressure and putting you at higher risk of heart attack. Just like other ways of relieving bottled up emotions, selling your diamond jewelry after divorce may facilitate physical healing.



All kinds of past struggles weigh you down and take a toll. They hold you back and prevent you from enjoying all the wonderful things each moment has to offer. Letting go of the past and reminders of life as it was can be very difficult, but releasing thoughts and mementos helps you heal your heart and be more open to joy and happiness. Letting go is a good way to physically remind yourself that you are not defined by your past, and that you are in control of where your life goes from here.

Get Started


Any upsetting situation – especially a major one such as divorce – has a way of setting up real estate in your mind, exacerbating anxiety and pushing your emotions into a downward spiral. Selling your jewelry won’t erase your divorce or factors that contributed to it, but taking action can help you feel far better.



Releasing reminders of your past struggles isn’t an easy task, as it requires you to mentally get out of your comfort zone. Many people know they want to let go of things including old wedding and engagement rings, but they tell themselves that they’re not ready yet. Embracing change and deciding to let go makes you stronger and will lead to feelings of greater security. You’ll find it far easier to focus on steps toward a better future when you overcome the challenge of letting go.

The Sign


Without jewelry from a past marriage in your safe or armoire, you are likely to feel relieved of some of the negativity that led to your divorce. Unburdening yourself of past “baggage” is one way to open the door to a new, fulfilling romantic partnership and fully embrace the future.



Diamond jewelry can represent an influx of cash that you can use to clear up an old debt, purchase something you want, or invested toward future needs. Whether you want to take a fun vacation or set money aside for your child’s education, your unwanted diamond jewelry can help you meet those goals. Come to Mike Seltzer Jewelers to see what your ring is worth! We’ll make you a great deal!

Mother’s Day Jewelry

Close-up Of A Bride's Hand With Diamond Ring Touching Pearl Necklace

Top 5 Mother’s Day Jewelry Favorites

1) Pearls.

The iridescent beauty of pearls makes this a popular item in every woman's jewelry wardrobe. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and price ranges. Choose from pearl earrings, necklaces, rings, brooches, and bracelets.

2) Heart-Shaped Jewelry.

Women love hearts! Heart shaped fine jewelry pieces are made from precious metals and often set with diamonds and other gemstones. Pieces include rings, earrings, charms, pendants, and lockets.

3) Gemstone Earrings.

Light up her face with beautiful gemstone earrings. Diamond studs are the most popular style, but drop earrings, hoops, and chandelier styles made with diamonds and other gemstones are also widely enjoyed.

4) Children's Birthstone Jewelry.

Jewelry that showcases the birthstones of her children is a favorite among moms. Available in many different designs, including our custom pieces, mothers everywhere cherish this celebration of her family and her motherhood.

5) Charm Bracelets.

Charm bracelets are a highly personalized gift and additional charms can be added on any special occasion. The bracelets are created in gold or sterling silver. A few of the types of charms are those embellished with diamonds or other gemstones; flat, engraved medallions; shapes of a favorite animal or hobby; spiritual symbols such as the Christian cross, Star of David, and the peace sign; and charms for the remembrance of special locations or events.

Make this Mother’s Day extra special. Give your mother or the mother of your children a beautiful and lasting tribute of your love and admiration. Give her the gift of jewelry.

Diamond Clarity



Diamonds are natural gemstone minerals that were formed as a result of tremendous heat and pressure exerted deep within the earth when they were being formed. This process often produces some natural inclusions inside and on the exterior of the stone. When we evaluate diamonds, we inspect for the number of inclusions, their color and position in the stone. These details contribute to the stone's Clarity grade.

There are 6 categories on the diamond clarity scale, from F for Flawless, to IF for Internally Flawless, which are the most expensive stones imaginable because they rarely occur. VVS, or Very Very Slightly Includes, VS for Very Slightly Included, then SI for Slightly Included all the way to I1, I2 and I3 for the three levels of Included. I3 indicates the most inclusions on the scale. After you learn about a stone's inclusions, it's wise to inspect the stone personally, because some included stones may have their inclusions 'hidden' behind prongs in a setting which is good because it minimizes the appearance of the inclusions. Or the inclusions can be so light that they have minimal impact on the diamond's beauty.

Aquamarine Diamonds

The name of the stone is derived from “aqua,” the Roman word for water, and “mare,” which means sea. The combination of the two words results in “water of the sea” or “seawater.”  Indeed, the stone‘s color does resemble that of seawater. In ancient Rome, the aquamarine was believed to be sacred to the god of the sea, Neptune. As a result, early sailors wore aquamarine amulets, bearing an image representing Neptune, in order to keep them safe at sea. Because the March birthstone was associated so closely with the sea, it became a belief that the stone was more powerful when submerged in water. The water used to immerse the stone was used to heal illnesses related to the liver, stomach, and heart.


 Aquamarine Birthstones

Aquamarine Birthstones


Part of the Beryl family, the aquamarine can vary in a blue-green color to a sky blue color. Gemstones containing the green tone are less desirable and are often treated with heat in order to remove the green coloring.  Most aquamarines are flawless, which is not the case for most other gemstones.  There is quite an abundance of aquamarine stones, which are found in Brazil, China, India, Africa, Australia, and the United States. Another gemstone belonging to the Beryl family is the emerald, which is a vibrantly colored stone.  The aquamarine is an extremely durable stone, making it ideal for jewelry.

Aquamarine jewelry makes wonderful gifts, especially since the stone is seen as symbolizing safety and security.  Therefore, even if the recipient does not have a March birthday, Aquamarine gifts can be fitting because of what it symbolizes.  People have been known to give gifts featuring this stone as a gesture of rekindling love in a relationship.  It makes a wonderful token for any occasion, including an anniversary.

Though on the lower end in terms of price, aquamarine stones have a fresh and calming appearance, and when paired with diamonds can be absolutely magnificent.  A combination of blue and white diamonds to accent a center stone can be a wonderful idea for a ring, as well as a pendant.  There are individuals who use aquamarines as the primary stone for an engagement ring.  It is a more affordable option, and one can still boast smaller-sized diamonds on the sides.


 An Aquamarine and Diamond Engagement Ring

An Aquamarine and Diamond Engagement Ring


With spring right around its corner, the blue aquamarine gem is a suitable stone for the month of March.  Attractive and affordable, there are many jewelry options available for the aquamarine stone, including those that can display some rare colored diamonds.

What Diamonds Symbolize

If you ask an average person today what a diamond symbolizes, he or she will most likely say “marriage” or "luxury." If not those specifically, then something quite close like “engagement,” “love,” or “commitment.” However, the concept of proposing with a diamond engagement ring is fairly recent, as is the idea behind a promise ring and the like. So what do diamonds symbolize? We know they have been around far longer than we have, so what have they meant to people over time? Let us take a look at diamonds as symbols and their effects on those that behold them.

8.88 carat, Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond, Cushion Shape, VS1 Clarity, GIA

8.88 carat, Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond, Cushion Shape, VS1 Clarity, GIA


Long before diamonds were sought after for their beauty, they were hunted down for what they represented and what they could potentially provide. These supposed qualities included serenity. It was believed that diamonds had calming properties and could bring inner peace. This understanding of diamonds can be connected with some other virtues and abilities that they are associated with but we can also tie it into a diamond’s modern interpretation: love and commitment. What better gesture could there be than one that is an expression of love coupled with an underlying energy of genuine peacefulness?

3.24 carat, Fancy Pink Purple Diamond, Cushion Shape, VS2 Clarity, GIA

3.24 carat, Fancy Pink Purple Diamond, Cushion Shape, VS2 Clarity, GIA


Like many other gemstones, and other materials of a certain appearance, diamonds were seen as forms of protection. Worn as amulets, or kept around in order to provide security, diamonds have been seen, and sometimes still are seen, as powerful artifacts that are so much more than pretty stones. Historically, they were worn around the neck or on the left hand, as these were believed to be the most effective places to wear the diamond. Wearers of diamonds were thus protected from fire, water, poison, thieves, illness, and even sorcery.

A 3.07ct fancy vivid orangy yellow diamond

A 3.07ct fancy vivid orangy yellow diamond


Circling back to how diamonds can symbolize serenity, and also protection, another element that diamonds can stand for and exude is the power of healing. When one has been healed, they are serene, and when one is healthy, they are protected. However, healing is more than that. Diamonds symbolize the state of being healthy and whole, both physically and emotionally. It was believed that diamonds could heal all ailments from slight physical wounds to deep psychological distress.

1.25 carat, Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond, Heart Shape, VS2 Clarity, GIA

1.25 carat, Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond, Heart Shape, VS2 Clarity, GIA


As if it weren’t obvious enough, diamonds represent perfection. From their internal perfect structure to the flawless external appearance that diamond seekers are after, diamonds are all about being the best, without any compromises. This symbol kind of encompasses all of the attributes mentioned here. It also can be connected most directly to the idea of unity, love, and promise that is expressed by diamonds today.

3.12 carat, Light Pink Diamond, Marquise Shape, VVS2 Clarity, GIA

3.12 carat, Light Pink Diamond, Marquise Shape, VVS2 Clarity, GIA

From the Ancient Roman and Greek understanding that diamonds were the tears of gods to the idea that a diamond is a status symbol, these exceptional stones have meant different things to various cultures and peoples over countless periods throughout history. The one thing they all have in common is the respect and appreciation for this virtually perfect natural specimen.

Where Wichita Gets Engaged

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