Custom Designed Jewelry


If you can dream it, we can create it!

You have always known you would recognize your dream engagement ring the minute you saw it. You have shopped the stores in the mall, surfed the Internet, and read stacks of brides’ magazines. You’ve looked at a thousand engagement rings. But, so far, none has been your dream ring…

Mike Seltzer Jewelers can create the engagement ring of your dreams using an astounding jewelry-creation method that capitalizes on the best gifts of old-world jewelry-making artistry (inspiration, heart, talent and taste), and 21st century technology (flexibility, precision, and speed).

Do you have an idea for the perfect piece of jewelry? Have you seen various elements from pieces around the internet that you would like to combine in to one masterpiece? We custom craft it for you to sparkling perfection! It all starts with your quote request.
STEP 2 | Design

We use the latest in 3D rendering technology to design and build a scale model of your piece. Once the model is perfected, we will send you various renderings of the piece from different angles so that you will have an exact idea of how the finished piece will look.

We’re happy to say that most times our design team gets it right the first time. However, if there are any changes that need to be made, let us know and we’ll adjust the rendering until it’s perfect.

STEP 3 | Creation

During this step, we use a 3D printing machine to make a wax model of your piece. This wax model is cast in the precious metal of your choice. In the meantime, any gemstones needed for your jewelry are carefully selected for size and quality. Next we begin work on the piece, cleaning, finishing, individually hand-setting gemstones then polishing your new piece to perfection. As with every step in the process, Mike Seltzer will personally inspect the piece to ensure that it meets the exacting standards.

Step 4 | Presentation

Our certificate ensures the lifelong quality of the piece. We proudly stand by all of our work and can assure you that your new jewelry will be built to shine for a lifetime!