We only carry quality pieces and stand behind our jewelry. So much so, that we’re proud to be the only store in Wichita to offer a LIFETIME SERVICE WARRANTY. Should anything happen to your piece; scuffed, scraped, or loose mounting, we will fix it free of charge.


Jewelry is often passed down for many generations. Over the years, these heirlooms become scuffed, scratched and can lose their luster. Mike Seltzer Jewelers offers a full repair service. From simple clasp repairs to total overhauls, we have the capability to fix any piece.


At Mike Seltzer Jewelers we know money can be tight. We don’t want your budget to hinder you from making a special purchase. That’s why we offer Interest-Free Financing and Layaway. We will always do our best to match you with your dream jewelry, within your budget. If you’d love to buy a piece but cannot afford to at the time of your visit we will keep track of the item on a personalized wish list and remind you upon your next visit.


Every piece of jewelry is special and holds significant sentimental value. Over the years, many items become scratched, dented, and start to fade requiring necessary jewelry repair. The talented craftsman at Mike Seltzer Jewelers can remove, dents, scratches, and even years of wear, giving your piece new life.

We have been a trusted name in Wichita jewelry since 1950, and love being a part of the history of each piece we service. Let our professionals bring old or damaged pieces back to life at Mike Seltzer Jewelers.


Many people forget that after years of wear, even the most lustrous piece of jewelry will fade. Having these items professionally cleaned is a must to preserve their value and shine. Many times harsh cleaning will result in tiny scratches and sometimes can even damage stone settings. Delicate jewelry such as antique and estate pieces should be taken into a professional since intricate or old pieces may be brittle.

At Mike Seltzer Jewelers, we offer FREE ring cleaning to anyone who comes into the store, and free lifetime service for any piece purchased from us. We service all types of jewelry; gold, silver, diamonds, gemstones, platinum, and pearls.

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