How to Redesign Old Jewelry

If you’ve inherited a family heirloom or are sorting through your jewelry collection, you may have found some pieces that seem outdated for your style. Instead of leaving them untouched at the bottom of your jewelry box, here are ways to repurpose or revamp old jewelry.


Examine the piece

When revamping old jewelry, the first step is to assess the piece and explore potential modifications. Here are some ways to transform the item:


  • Alter the color: Change the item’s appearance by plating it with yellow gold, rose gold, or rhodium for a white gold look if you’re not fond of the current color.

  • Replace the stones: Keep the design but switch out the gemstone to significantly transform the item; opaque stones like turquoise, jade, or onyx can give a design a different feel.

  • Convert the jewelry type: Consider jewelry conversion, converting one type of jewelry into another like turning earrings into a ring or pendant. Most pieces can be transformed into a different type of jewelry, allowing for creative customization.

  • Reset existing stones into a new setting: If you dislike the existing design entirely, repurpose the materials and unleash your creativity. Collaborate with a jeweler to sketch out a new design that incorporates the stones from the original piece.