Top Engagement Ring Trends Of 2024

Engagement rings are obviously always in style, but this year, a few settings really stand out.

  • Simple Solitaire: classic style featuring a plain band and a center stone

  • Vintage Revival: elegant, antique style rings for the modern age

  • Three Stone: two side diamonds or gemstones highlight the center stone

  • Abstract Designs: unique designs, unlike traditional styles

  • Mixed Metals: combine the style and color of multiple metals

  • East West: engagement rings featuring a center diamond set horizontally

  • Unique Gemstone Choices: engagement rings featuring a unique, colorful gemstone as the center stone

Simple Solitaire

Solitaire engagement rings, while simple, exude sophistication, style, and timelessness. This trend is anticipated to shine throughout 2024 and beyond. The classic solitaire ring design effortlessly complements various wedding bands and other jewelry pieces. It’s no wonder this style remains a popular choice, offering a subtle, understated, and elegantly timeless appeal.


Vintage Revival

Vintage engagement rings are currently very popular, and the reasons are clear. They not only allow for personal style expression but are also exquisite wearable pieces of art. Featuring intricate and detailed designs along with striking geometric patterns, these rings are ideal for individuals who appreciate the art deco aesthetic.



Three Stones

Three-stone engagement rings have always been fashionable, but they are expected to become a prominent trend in 2024. The allure of having stunning stones on each side of the central stone accentuates it in a unique manner. Whether the center stone or side stones are diamonds or gemstones, three-stone rings showcase a remarkable sparkle that is timeless and enduring.



Abstract Designs

With unique designs and intricate details, engagement rings with abstract designs are ideal for brides-to-be seeking a sophisticated style. From creatively positioned diamonds to imaginative concepts, these rings are sure to evoke a sense of awe and wonder.

14K White Gold Ridged Dome Solitaire Engagement Ring

Mixed Metals

Are you struggling to make a decision? Are you a fan of various metals and find it hard to choose? Look no further! Embrace the beauty of mixed metal engagement rings that offer the perfect blend. These rings blend two or more metals, such as yellow, white, or rose gold, creating a charming design and a distinct appearance. A great advantage is that you can effortlessly pair one of these engagement rings with your preferred wedding band.